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  • Are you a DJ or producer? 
  • Do you dream of your music reaching a grander audience?
  • Are you living in Barcelona and would like to diversify your musical experience in the city?
  • Do you revel in discovering unknown musicians before they make it big?
  • Finally, do you believe that music makes the world a better place and helps us to understand each other better? 
  • Then it seems we are on the same wavelength.

A platform for new talents, Barcelona DJ Contest is what has been missing from our city’s music scene and our experience as lovers of long nights, hot dances, and hypnotizing electronica. It is an incredible opportunity for DJs whose creative energy has not yet had the exposure their music truly merits. Moreover, BDJC is a welcoming community dedicated to uniting a new generation of DJs that has yet to find the confidence or resources to get their music heard.

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