Jon Sweetname

Jon Sweetname is from Barcelona, and has been involved in production of electronic music for many years. He started by playing around with a radio cassette recorder and creating short bootleg remixes. Later on, he began creating and experimenting with house music, and, as a result, became finalist of Beatport’s Remix Contest in 2006. As well as finalist of DJ España Magazine’s contest in 2006 and 2007.

From 2008, his tracks were released on such labels as Manuscript Records, Reisei Records, Untitled Music, Loco Records, Open Bar, What Happens, Savoir Faire Musique, Different Attitudes, SP Recordings, Cream Music Records, Blue Orb, and others.

As a DJ, Jon has participated in numerous beach parties in Barcelona, including an event at off-Sonar, and played at a Danish club Culture Box. Since 2012, Jon has been producing a monthly deep house podcast for Swedish online radio Tunnel FM. The show is called “Lost In The Deep Sounds” and featured artists like Alex Kentucky, Le Vinyl, Rishi K, Roberto Palmero, Jesus Pablo, Maertz, Deephope, Kike Henríquez, and others.

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